Volunteers In Partnership Program…


The volunteers of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office are invaluable.  They utilize their skills and dedicated service to help connect the Sheriff’s Office to the community and their volunteer work saves the Sheriff’s Office thousands of dollars each year in personnel costs.

Volunteers in the VIP’s program allows the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office to increase the level of service to our community.  The Sheriff’s Office and Foundation values our volunteers’ diversity of skills, abilities, education, and life experiences which they nobly donate to our community.

The most effective law enforcement efforts are collaborative partnerships between police and community members. Volunteers perform a wide variety of duties throughout the Sheriff’s Office, enabling paid personnel to concentrate on specialized tasks and better manage their workflow.

Some of the VIP’s programs are volunteer-driven and would not exist without them!  The Sheriff’s Office provides  volunteers with on-the-job training, enabling them to achieve their peak performance in service to our community.




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