Round Up and Share

A HUGE Thank you to our first business partner of the Round Up and Share Program….The Cave Men’s Grooming!

The Round Up and Share initiative just launched in San Juan County and it is a great program that partners with businesses in the community who ask their customers/clients to consider rounding up their bill to gift that change to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Foundation. The small change adds up and has a HUGE impact as the Foundation uses those funds to support community outreach programs of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office such as Shop with YOUR Cops, Girls with G.R.I.T., the Reserve Deputy Program and many others.

If you are out in the community doing business with one of our sponsors, please consider gifting your change. It will benefit the community in several ways. It will also support the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, our Sheriff, and the deputies who work hard to protect our community.

If you have a business and would love to be part of the Round Up and Share program, please contact us for information. This is a super easy way to get involved and give back.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit and our mission is to support the Sheriff’s Office, its Community Policing efforts and the Volunteer Programs by helping to raise community awareness and to provide financial support to fund programs that enhance the ability of the Sheriff’s Office to better serve the community.

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