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Volunteers in the VIP’s program allows the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office to increase the level of volunteers-for-so-siteservice to our community.  The Sheriff’s Office and Foundation values our volunteers’ diversity of skills, abilities, education, and life experiences which they nobly donate to our community.

The most effective law enforcement efforts are collaborative partnerships between police and community members. Volunteers perform a wide variety of duties throughout the Sheriff’s Office, enabling paid personnel to concentrate on specialized tasks and better manage their workflow.

Some of the VIP’s programs are volunteer-driven and would not exist without them!  The Sheriff’s Office provides  volunteers with on-the-job training, enabling them to achieve their peak performance in service to our community.


Volunteer Units Within the Volunteers In Partnership Program:

Administrative & Clerical Assistance

Opportunities include clerical, receptionist, mail room, data, computer duties and much more.

Chaplain Program

Provide comfort, counseling and spiritual guidance to all Sheriff’s Office members, sworn and civilian, and members of their families upon request.  Respond to assist during times of tragedy, such as serious injuries, accidental and natural death, homicides and suicides.

Court Watch

Court Watch monitors domestic violence, sexual assault, repeat offenders and child abuse cases in San Juan County to make sure the justice system holds perpetrators accountable and doesn’t re-victimize the victims.

As impartial observers of the judicial system, Court Watchers document their observations and impressions.  This information will be compiled and a report that details our findings will presented to the Court and the community.

Court Watch is NOT:  A vigilante or extremist organization “out to get” judges or defendants or to restrict judicial independence

Foreign Language Interpretation

Do you speak another language or know sign language?  These volunteers will serve as interpreters for staff/detectives The scheduling, training and leadership of  Law Enforcement Foreign Language Interpreters (LEFLI) will be the responsibility of the LEFLI Squad Leader.  The position requires some assigned standing shifts, as well as, being scheduled “on call” via pager or phone.

Internship Program

Provides the criminal justice and or social work student with a hands-on introduction to the diverse and fascinating aspects of a local law enforcement agency within San Juan County. The student works closely with sworn deputies and detectives in every department within the Sheriff’s Office. He or she will be afforded valuable experience and insight into every step of a criminal investigation.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crime and reduce fear.  Neighborhood Watch fights the isolation that crime creates and feeds upon, forges bonds among area residents, helps reduce burglaries and other crimes, and improves relations between police and the communities they serve.

Public Relations/Community Outreach Assistance

The Public Relations Program involves civilian volunteers who have an interest in law enforcement and would like to assist the Sheriff’s Office by providing a variety of public relations services to the community.

This includes representing the Sheriff’s Office at community events that we participate in and other special projects.

Reserve Deputy

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy is a non-paid community service position that performs an essential role within the Sheriff’s Office.  The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program is comprised of volunteers throughout San Juan County.  It is organized, officered and manned pursuant to and under the direction of the Sheriff of San Juan County.

Victim Services

Are you interested in an exciting new volunteer opportunity? We are currently seeking volunteers to help us win the battle against domestic violence.  Volunteers are the lifeline of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office new Victim Services Volunteer Unit. Our success in meeting the needs of our victims is dependent upon having a team of caring, compassionate and skilled volunteers. As a volunteer victim advocate, you can help change lives of victims in our community.

Women Against Crime Program

Women against Crime is a program teaching women and girls the basics of how to protect themselves and their families. Program highlights are the development of a “personal protection plan” focusing on awareness, securing your home, internet predator, domestic violence, rape prevention, gangs, drugs, self-defense, weapon awareness and many other topics. Classes are offered throughout the year and are free to the public. For more information or to sign up for a class, contact Deputy Valerie Bell @ 505-334-6107.

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