Funding Guidelines



Applications for San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Foundation grants may be submitted at any time in accordance with the guidelines that follow.  Funding decisions will be based on availability of funds and other Foundation considerations.

Application Process

1.      Only San Juan County Sheriff’s Office sworn deputies, civilian employees and volunteers may complete the grant application form.

2.      Submit the application through your chain of command for approval.

3.      Submit the application to the Sheriff or Undersheriff, who will be responsible for providing final Sheriff’s Office approval.

4.      Submit the application to the Foundation for consideration.

What is eligible for a San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Foundation grant?

Applications may be submitted for items and programs that are not covered in the Sheriff’s Office operational budget.  Examples that may qualify for funding include special equipment, special training, educational needs, software, and cooperative law enforcement/community programs.

What is ineligible?

Personnel expenses, patrol vehicles, standard equipment, supplies or other items typically included in the law enforcement department budget are not eligible for Foundation grants.

Grant Consideration Process

Your application will be considered by the Foundation within 90 days of application receipt.  Following consideration, a written response with one of the following determinations will be returned to the applicant via the chain of command.

  •         Approved.  Accepted for immediate funding.
  •        Received/Reviewed.  Will be considered for future funding.
  •       Denied
  •       Additional information requested.

If additional information is requested, it will be incumbent on the applicant to provide that information to the Foundation via the chain of command.

More Donations, More Grants

Fundraising is an ongoing effort and you can help without asking anyone for money.  If you know of individuals, corporations or organizations that are interested in supporting the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office  with financial or material contributions, let us know so that we can facilitate the donation process and make resources available to you.  Please contact Beth Utley, San Juan County Sheriff’s Office  Foundation President.  We look forward to working with you to enhance community partnerships and safety in San Juan County Sheriff’s Office .


The guidelines outlined above are subject to change and clarification.

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